Notes from Consultation meeting at Maiden Erlegh 17th Jan

  1. meeting over much unhapiness
  2. wbc says they will consider all responses.
  3. wbc says no point in waiting until me becomes academy 
  4. wot happen when me becomes an academy? Academy has right to set own da. To make changes wld hve to go through same process
  5. sibling protection if there is still child at school
  6. how will it work for siblings? Sibling protection if you live in the current ME area
  7.   how are WBC taking new building in Earley to account, taken in to account for south of wbc not in north 
  8. Wbc yes we have not worked strategically with rdg 
  9. Q are wbc missing a strategic opportunity to work with Rdg?
  10. Q should wbc wait for change until Bulmershe improves? No answer light heckling from floor
  11. adjudicator defined da as one where demand meets supply, this change will prevent that- how wbc justify? No justification 
  12. Q pls clarify removal of linked schools. They say it doesn't privilage schools as criteria is too low. Will consider changing
  13. Q has wbc taken account of safety on routes to school with inc no. WBC say they haven't done any work on it 
  14. trying to defend their consultation much heckling
  15. WBC admissions forum and Executive will make final decision
  16. adjudicator said do not change tie breaker, why you changing it. WBC no answer?
  17. Q causes meeting to laugh as it points out madness of plan
  18. Q who do the speakers work for Ans they work for WBC 
  19. wbc we don't know how it will effect traffic, but will check
  20. how will wbc address potential growth of traffic becoz of changes 
  21. Wot do wbc say parents who have lived in ME area for mre than 10yrs. Wbc say sorry and its tough- heckling 
  22. Q how mny changes btween prop 1 and prop 2. Wbc say that new proposal based on feedback from public. Wbc say no2 better
  23. wbc say decision not politically driven 
  24. wbc closed Ryeish Green becoz of falling roll 
  25. Q is the process a political process caused by political decision to close Ryeish Green 
  26. wbc ans system is clear and you will at least know you've been stuffed by the council
  27. Q why give bottom of Lwr Early priority over nearer children when hardly any children from there go to bulmershe atm
  28. Q distance? Wbc reinforce fact that entrance to me based on distance to me minus distance to bulmershe 
  29. wbc say they are investing in Bulmershe and visit school to allow Parents to make informed decision 
  30. Q wot plans wbc have to improve Bulmershe to bring it up to Maidenerlegh stds
  31. wbc stick to line that all children will live within 3 miles and can walk or cycle
  32. wbc say tht plan will increase walking to school on balance. But admit that they don't really know whether it will inc walking 
  33. is plan greener. Wbc say yes! more will walking much heckling
  34. show of hands for who walked to mtg, majority walked
  35. wbc say trying to solve diff probs
  36. why wbc using 2 diff systems in borough 4 catchment area 
  37. wbc admit a lot of children will be disadvantaged by new catchment
  38. wbc measures dist in straight lines, if have to provide transport wbc will lay it on, safety on route will be considerd 
  39. how did wbc calculate distance to bulmershe esp for young girls walking through dark st
  40. 1st abt walk distance policy, if child has to travel more than 3miles and is wbc child they will have bus funded 
  41. Q+A session abt to start
  42. wbc. Spokesbod says tht public meeting not a good way to consult hoho
  43. wbc admit that plan is biased towards Lower Early children
  44. wbc admit that not many children in Park will get in
  45. wbc made everybody laugh by claiming nonsense
  46. wbc removing linked school criteria
  47. wbc going through process for admissions 
  48. wbc wants people to continue to write in with comments 
  49. meeting kicks off looks better organised this time