Wednesday, 30 September 2009

All The Fun of the Fair

Spent my first day as a student on the Labour Club stand at Freshers Fair.

It was great, hot, noisy, interesting. Spent lots of time talking to first year students about their worries, asking them to sign our petition to force the Uni to make space for a car club on campus to reduce car use, and telling them that yes, despite my enormous age I was actually studying. We shared our nervousness about the courses and wondered how we were going to fit in working with the studying. I remain nervous about this as I will have to find quite a lot of paid employment to keep the McKenzie's afloat. Any offers please email

My T Shirt caused some discussion amongst the Tory students. I don't think you can read it in the picture but it says," Never Kissed a Tory and Never Will." One Tory student, female, seemed to find this very upsetting and spent the morning berating me and saying the statement was very unfair. The t-shirt always causes a smile and if you want one too you can buy one you can click here . I hope you like it when you buy one.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Little Things to Make Things Better

Cycling with my daughter through Newtown the other evening I noticed how dark the evenings have become, well it was 9pm.

We were on the way to Tescos and the Kennetside was especially dark, good thing we have lights. Noticed that a couple of street lights were out so have rung the Council so they can get the lights fixed. Hopefully shouldn't take too long but they say it might take upto 10 days.

Friday, 25 September 2009

An Evening Spent with Rahim Shah

Spent an evening with Park Ward's Pakistani Community a couple of weeks ago.

I was at a fundraiser for KORT, Kashmir Orphans Relief Trust. They were raising funds for an orphanage that they were building in Kashmir for children orphaned by the terrible earthquake in October 2005. They are doing great work and are on their way to building a home for over 1,000 children. I recommend their website.

As well as having the chance to listen to residents' concerns and show my support to this good cause. The trust had a star at the event in the shape of Rahim Shah, the famous singer from Pakistan. I was so bowled over by his singing I took some shaky footage on my phone, which I've uploaded for you to enjoy too.

I don't think that the images and quality do him justice, but perhaps give you a flavour of the evening.

Crisis and Compensations of a Labour Lollipopman

I am the morning Lollipop man at Alfred Sutton School in Park Ward. I really enjoy serving as a volunteer to make sure local children can get across the road.

You cannot believe how madly busy it gets in the morning. Most of the time car drivers act responsibly and sensibly. Through good observation I have been able to avert accidents.

This term I have noticed that the cyclists using the road seem to have taken leave of their senses. There is a hard core of cyclists who ride on the pavement, through the crossing and generally at the children crossing the road. It’s very very stressful. The picture shows one Likely Lad riding on the pavement opposite where I stand to Lollipop.

Twice this week, once this morning, I've had to shout at cyclists who have decided to cycle through a young child crossing the road. It’s amazing and frightening to see. Luckily I have a loud voice and have managed to shout a warning. It has to be said though, going to work with a sore throat because shouting at a cyclist is the only way to avert an accident is not the best way to start the day.

The job does have its upside. Today a parent approached me and gave me a cake to say thank you for getting their children safely across the road. It tasted delicious thank you.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sore Feet the sign of a good campaign

Are sore feet the sign of a good political campaign? I have been knocking on doors in Park Ward. As the candidate and a resident it is important that I spend time talking to my neighbours and residents.

Residents have been very frank with me. They have given me a lot of Ward work so letters are being written and issues worked on.