Wednesday, 30 September 2009

All The Fun of the Fair

Spent my first day as a student on the Labour Club stand at Freshers Fair.

It was great, hot, noisy, interesting. Spent lots of time talking to first year students about their worries, asking them to sign our petition to force the Uni to make space for a car club on campus to reduce car use, and telling them that yes, despite my enormous age I was actually studying. We shared our nervousness about the courses and wondered how we were going to fit in working with the studying. I remain nervous about this as I will have to find quite a lot of paid employment to keep the McKenzie's afloat. Any offers please email

My T Shirt caused some discussion amongst the Tory students. I don't think you can read it in the picture but it says," Never Kissed a Tory and Never Will." One Tory student, female, seemed to find this very upsetting and spent the morning berating me and saying the statement was very unfair. The t-shirt always causes a smile and if you want one too you can buy one you can click here . I hope you like it when you buy one.