Wednesday, 7 October 2009

No PCSO's Today

Have read in the paper that the Uni has withdrawn its funding for the PCSO's am exceedingly cross. Not only have they helped reduced Anti-Social Behaviour and the fear of crime in the area, they have been extremely helpful to me while I am lollipoping.

The PCSO's have worked with me to ensure that no one threatens me and also to reduce the amount of illegal parking which makes it dangerous for the children to cross the road.

I am writing to the University to demand that they review the decision and will also be writing to the Council asking them to support the PCSO's. I also urge all Park Residents to write to the Uni. The more people who write the more pressure the Uni will feel to take in to account locals' and students' feelings about the issue.

Please write to Vice Chancellor Prof Tony Downes c/o Reading University, Whiteknights, Reading.