Thursday, 6 May 2010

Long Day 23:00 Not over Yet

Started at 5.30, 23:00 not finished yet.

Spoke to hundreds, hundreds went to vote, fell off my bike and feel like I've done something serious to my ankle, see the swollen article on the left. Jo B you were completely right it was dangerous what I was doing.

Got a good reaction from the voters.....a great day for democracy, yes, a great day for me, I don't know yet, find out tomorrow.

Thanks to Emma, Angus, Anneliese, Jon, Ann, Vicki, Peter, Helen, the Borg, Saleem, Bash, Haji, Ejaz, Tammy, Hanna and her husband, Simon, Keith, Sarah, Shirley, Andrew, Greg, Mike, Hester and countless others who helped me today and worked to make today a great day. If I have missed someone deepest sorries.