Monday, 3 May 2010

Who should I vote for?

I had an interesting phone call today. Someone called me and asked me who they should vote for. After telling me that he was going to vote Labour nationally and was thinking of voting something else locally.

We had a great chat, but I put it to him straight. Its either vote Labour or give the Council to the Conservatives. If you want the Tories to run Reading, then fine, but vote for them straight. It will be more honest. So that's our choice on Thursday in the Council and in the Election. Vote Labour and see a country and a town, Fair for all, or get a Tory administration and Tory Government.

I know its a secret ballot, but I am prepared to advise that I will vote Labour in the local elections and the General Elections. I don't want to live under a Tory administration locally or nationally so if you don't want to either vote Labour. As the Meerkats say" Simples"