Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mela, Hot, Hot, Hot

Had a fantastic weekend. Spent yesterday talking to residents on the door and spent today at the Mela.

We had a very subtle stand, as you can see and it was nice to be able to talk politics with East Reading's asian community. Although it was very very hot. I had to ask my daughter to bring over my hat as I was getting sun burnt.

This picture shows Jon and I with a College Road resident. This was obviously before the sun burn kicked in.

Saw some of Park's other Councillors, it was interesting to see that Park's Tory popped in especially as we have not seen much of him over the last 3 years.

One of the great things about an open air event is that everybody wants to talk about what really bothers them. Sometimes this can be tricky political questions and sometimes this can be where's the nearest loo. Happily we were able to help in both cases.

So I am checking out the lists of issues we have been given to follow up and am going to have to do something about my face, which is in need of somekind of cooling liquid. Will report on the issues and follow ups soon.