Friday, 2 July 2010

Writing a Consitution

I now have an incling of how the Founding Father's of the US felt....Ok a little exagerated perhaps but stick with me.

I with a number of other Parent Governors at Alfred Sutton have been asked to establish a Parents' Forum to assist the Governoring body. It will be a consultee of the Governors and also be a place where Parents can discuss with the Governors issues that concern them.

I am very keen that parents are able to find a voice in the school and am working hard with a number of parents and governors to develop this.

We have already held our first meeting where parents were able to talk about the issues that worried them and also to decide whether they wanted to have a Forum in the first place. We were able to take those issues to the school and I am pleased to say got some very positive answers back. The parents also decided that the Forum was a good idea and that we should go ahead and organise it.

Yesterday we took our first step in formalising the group by writing a Consititution, or perhaps more realistically a charter for the group. Although it only runs to a page and a bit it was good to see everyone working together to make the Forum work and understand the commitment needed to run it.

I hope we will be able to present the Charter at our next meeting, which is Tuesday 6th at 19.30. If you are a parent of a child at Alfred Sutton, come along we will be giving feedback on the issues raised at the last meeting.

For those of you with an interest in such things here is a link to the US constitution there are some intor notes but the constitution starts on page 21 of the document. For really constitution spotters here is a link to the German Grundgestezt, which is the current German constitution. For reall constitution spotters there is a prize for those that can tell me why the German's have a Basic Law rather than a constitution.