Monday, 13 September 2010

Maiden Erlegh Catchment - The Plot Thickens

Well, well, well Maiden Erlegh might be making the whole catchment issue more complicated by apparently applying for academy status. Above is an extract of the parents letter sent to all ME parents at the begining of this term. Dr Thomas, claims that the Governors are thinking about Academy status.

If granted the catchment area would remain the way it was if Academy status was granted, which could work on the side of the campaign. If they are just thinking about it, then the application would probably not affect what Wokingham is doing. If they have applied then this probably would affect things.

OK so far so good, however a quick search on the internet reveals that Maiden Erlegh appears to have already applied for Academy status and therefore may receive the status before the end of the process.

The details of the application can be found here to see the document click at this text:

A list of applications from mainstream schools to convert to academy status as of 31 August is available to download as a PDF document.

Its a bit complicated however you then need to use the search function to look for Maiden Erlegh.

So in conclusion what can we see:

a. The Head at Maiden Erlegh appears to be holding back on the truth about the application
b. The campaign needs to double its efforts to ensure that the catchment area doesn't change before Academy status is granted.