Friday, 29 October 2010

I hate to agree with BoJo

Well what can I say I agree with BoJo, what am I as the former Labour Parliamentary candidate in his old Parliamentary consistuency going to do.

He has warned that the Conservative's Housing Benefit plans will cause Kosovan "ethnic cleansing" of people on benefit in London. It was revealed that inner London Boroughs as looking to the outer areas for cheaper accomodation for its housing benefit tenants.

This will mean those that live in the outer boroughs will be pushed out to places like Reading, putting pressure on the rented market in Reading....So Reading will be pressured by London's distressed. This coupled with the Government's and the Conservative/Lib Dems removal of controls on Houses in Multiple Occupation.

How does this affect Park will mean that there is pressure on the already heated rented property market in Reading. The students will be fighting for property with families displaced from the outer areas of London and there will be no do you think this will end.

This makes the Tory clams of "we are all in it together" seem very very hollow. As usual they are attacking the weakest in society while they try and defend their own. It smacks of the worst sort of protectionism and I expect that we will see more of the same.

In the meantime, and I really do hate to say this, well done BoJo thanks for standing up against your party.