Monday, 18 October 2010

Why Get Nervous Lollipoping

This morning started with a lot of excitement, which was good because I had been up late the night before watching the "Dambusters".

Here's a little film of a typical Monday on Crescent Road looks like. Throw in to this traffic idiots on push bikes who ride on the pavement and boys from Reading School who decide to drive through the crossing it all gets a little stimulating.

I mention Reading School, because one of their boys, well bred, supposedly intelligent decided that he would ignore me standing in the middle of the road and cycle at me, at children and at parents all of which were crossing the road. You can get an idea of how busy it was and how difficult it can be to help people across the road. I rang Reading School to discuss this with them, I spoke to the Head's secretary who promised someone would ring me back today, Monday. Unfortunately he couldn't be bothered to call me. As a consequence Reading School gets a dishonourable mention on the blog.