Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's Cold Out There

It is so cold at the moment. If you have been following my Tweets I have been giving weather updates for people who are bringing their children to school.

I have borrowed my daughter's hat, as shown in my photo, to keep warm. She is not happy to see I have it, but if you have to stand outside for 40 mins at 8.30am it is vital.

Been meeting with Park residents all day. Started off with a cup of coffee after school. We talked about the Maiden Erlegh issue and Alfred Sutton. Lunch was spent with students chatting over Nick Clegg's betrayal of England's students I saw a great cartoon in the Guardian. Ended the afternoon with door knocking in Newtown. The residents raised an interesting issue, which I will discuss later.

Its almost too cold to talk to residents, but as with the bad weather last year, the extreme cold brings out the best in people and they want to chat. Must remember to take a flask with me next time......