Thursday, 10 February 2011

Careful What You Write on the Internet

Disgraced Liberal  Democrat
Councillor Warren Swaine
Media Releases
Change in Cabinet Post at Reading

Cllr Warren Swaine has resigned as the Lead Cabinet member for Environment and Sustainability on Reading Borough Council.

Cllr Kirsten Bayes will take responsibility for the Cabinet portfolio for Environment and Sustainability with immediate effect.

I am thankful to Cllr John Ennis for posting on his website today's Council press release advising that Liberal Democrat Councillor Warren Swaine has had to resign from Reading's cabinet. This is reportedly because of racist tweets which Swaine posted about  Streatham's Labour MP, Chuka Umunna. Swaine appeared to be publishing racist comments on Twitter about Chuka Umunna while Chuka was on Question Time.
Swaine has spent the last year attacking and abusing people, including me, on his blog and his Tweets. Instead of working for his residents he spends his time throwing buckets of bile at hard working people. Now it has cost him dear and is a lesson for all of us who are engaged in politics and those Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillor bloggers who think the best way to cover up their failed policies is to publish Tweets and articles that attack and abuse.

So now we know, there is a cost for everything. If you publish abuse, racist cant and libel about your opponents it will catch up with you. Swaine is disgraced and will have to start again to rebuild his tarnished reputation. The rest of Reading's political bloggers should take note.