Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Weekend

Its been a hot weekend, I have been out in the sun abit and have caught the sun on my head.....note to self must wear a hat when canvassing and processing.

Although it is a bank holiday weekend we were still out campaigning. On my part the weekend has consisted of canvassing, work, some family time and some time with the members of the local Newtown churches, Wycliffe, my church, and St John's in Orts Road celebrating Good Friday.

It has been a tradition, well at least in the last 3-4 years that the Newtown churches take part in a procession of witness through Newtown, meeting the residents, singing hymns and offering passers by hot cross buns. It is a great way to meet the community with so many Wycliffe and St John's members coming from Newtown and there are always lots of people on the street to talk to, especially when you are giving away hot cross buns.

We processed from the Abbot Cook pub, who kindly provided coffee. We walked along the London Road, down Chomeley Road to School Terrace. Then down to Kennetside and then back to Orts Road via the Fisherman's COttage. It was great in the sun to sing hymns and offer passer s by Hot Cross buns.

The whole procession ended with more Hot Cross buns at St John's and then a church service.

These are my pictures and I hope I have captured the spirit of the event and Newtown in the sunshine. While I am trying to improve my photography, I am particularly happy with the last picture. I saw the poster in someone's window and really liked the sentiment.