Saturday, 2 April 2011

If Only All Saturdays Could be like this.....

This week has been so busy, lots of street work and lots of things happening in the Ward. Saturday saw the morning spent talking to residents in Park and the afternoon spent at Alfred Sutton's International Fayre.

On the streets residents were concerned about many things but something that particularly raised hackles was the Conservative's changes to the disabled bus pass. Previously if you held a disabled or OAP bus pass you received free bus travel before 9.30. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat council forced the motion through the Council to remove the concession on Tuesday. They gave disabled people exactly 3 days to find out about the change and introduced it on Friday. If that wasn't malicious enough they sent the letters out so late that they didn't arrive until Friday afternoon. If you were disabled and worked you would have already had the humiliation of having your pass rejected in the morning.

Many residents were shocked at the Conservative Council's pettiness and narrow mindedness.

I spent the afternoon at Alfred Sutton's International Fayre. I think this is the third one we've held. The PTA and its Chair should be very proud of what they have achieved. I was on the English stand. There were stands representing: Spain, Wales, Pakistan, Portugal, Iraq, Poland, South Africa, France, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Jamaica and of course England. It was a great afternoon. I am sure that I have missed some of the stands, but the stands represented the breadth of nations that are represented at the school. As with any Alfred Sutton event there was country dancing but the highlight of the afternoon was the competition to carry a basket on your head. One of the teachers, who originally came from Sierra Leone was challenging people to carry a basket of fruit on their heads. This was the star event and hugely amusing especially if you watched. Loved it.