Saturday, 16 April 2011

Only 3 Weeks to Go

Here is a picture of my house in Hamilton Road, decked out for the elections.

After a couple of days in Berlin, doing research, it was good to get back to the campaign. We have been all over the Ward in the last few days talking to residents and asking them about their concerns and worries.

It is great to see the positive reaction the Labour team is getting on the doorstep. Infact as I was putting up these signs someone stopped the car to tell me their concerns and asking me my opinion on the issues that concern them.

On the doorstop residents are still concerned about the Maiden Erlegh issue and worried by Wokingham's attempts to stop Park Children going there. I am very worried by it too and have promised to get my Party to persue what legal action is possible if we take power in May. Many residents were also concerned to hear that the Conservatives had welcomed Wokingham's plans.  To see a copy of the Tories letter click the link here .

Residents are also saying that they cannot believe the vicious cuts that the Conservative and Liberal Democrats are forcing through the Council. It was good to be able to tell them that the way to get rid of the Council is vote Labour on the 5th May. Basically no other vote will bring the Conservatives down, even staying at home is effectively a vote for the Conservatives.

Walking around the streets of Newtown it is great to find people I have worked with, I have studied with and go to church with all stopping to chat. All in all a sunny week, all in all an encouraging week and now there is only 3 weeks to go and then we will know the answer to the question, who will be the next Park Ward Council and which Party will be in control after 5th May.