Saturday, 14 April 2012

Effective Councillor

The attached picture of dumped rubbish was taken about 100m from the front door of my local Green Councillor.
We quiet often see dumped rubbish on this corner. The rubbish linger for weeks and our "active" local Councillor seems powerless and ineffective in getting it cleaned up.
At this year's elections we will see the majority party in Park Ward showing how nice they are as their environmentally friendly supporters, all with 4 bedroom houses and 2 gas guzzlers in the drive put up their posters. But what do they acheive?
They acheive nothing, as my picture shows, the rubbish piles up in the streets.
So this is why I am voting Labour in May's elections. I am voting for effective Councillors who not only want to change things but actually CAN change things.