Sunday, 8 July 2012

Your Caring Sharing Coop

The Erleigh Road Coop has just come first in the competition for medium sized Coops.

It is, you could say, the best Coop in the country. We are very lucky in East Reading around the junction to have such a good selection of good shops. There is the larger Coop on the Junction, great shops opposite Alfred Sutton and on Erleigh Road chemists, green grocers and a fantastic offie.

My wife and I have more or less given up going to the large supermarkets on the edge of town, while they are sometime cheaper I find the whole atmosphere so massively depressing that I would rather pay a bit more and shop every day.

The Coop can be a little eccentric on occasion, but it has most of what we need to enjoy great meals and the odd treat. The staff are always cheerful and I seem to bump in to most of my friends there. The more of us that support the local shops to more likely they are to thrive, they are always colourful and if you can stand the fact that quite a few of the customers are still in their pjs its a great place to shop. 

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