Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Students Are Back- Horrah?

Reading's University students are back and they have introduced themselves to East Reading residents with a BANG.

Last night's peace was rent asunder by the sound of the loudest party I have heard for a long time. As is traditional in this part of the University area, the culprits were in "Party Row" in Crescent Road. Local residents, including my wife, were woken up by the din, and I am sure that local parents whose children are not sleeping well appreciated the noise.

I was less disturbed as I had been out in town, however I came home at around 2am to the sound of the word fuck being shouted across the music emanating  from the house concerned. Its obviously a house full of very poor students judging by the numbers of cars parked outside it this morning.

So what can residents and students do about the occasions when student houses disturb the night and rob residents of sleep?

 I happen to know that some residents called the Police, last night however I understand that they are loathe to intervene and may or may not  have attended the house yesterday to ask the students to turn the music down.

In most cases the most powerful weapon is to call the University's Community Relations Manager,  Ann Westgarth  0118 378 4479 or email her on and advise her of what has happened. The University has, in the past, taken such issues very seriously and has some pretty draconian powers to "encourage" wayward students to be good neighbours and not to bring the University in to disrepute.