Sunday, 25 October 2009

Can Lollipopmen Achieve Anything?

Not the best photo in the world, but an important one nevertheless, honest.

While I was cycling around I noticed that by the wiggly "no parking" lines at Newtown School and also Abbey Junior there was a sign advising drivers that there was no stopping. This must make it easier to police and stop drivers making it difficult for children crossing.

I spoke to my supervisor about this and she seems to have taken the hint and ordered a "no stopping" sign to be installed outside Alfred Sutton by where I work as Lollipopman.I came to work on Monday to discover the sign had been put up.

You'd have thought that a sign wouldn't have made much of a difference, however I foundit very useful to be able to point to it when drivers got a bit shouty.

So another, albeit, small step taken in improving road safety and making sure that the Alfred Sutton school children can get to school safety and the lollipopmen don't get squashed.