Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Richard McKenzie thinks living in Park is great

A reflective piece today. I was out on my bike yesterday and it struck me what a great place Park is to live. From my house, I can walk to the river and go Kayaking. Infact the best and most environmentally friendly I ever spent was a Kayaking Course at the Waterside Centre at Kennetmouth. We can cycle up to campus and enjoy the parkland and woodland there. Or we can cycle in to the countryside. I have a great 10 miler which will take you in to the countryside in about 10 mins. Up the London Road to Shepherds Hill, Sonning, Sonning Bridge, Henley Rd. Up Dundsen Hill. At the top of the Hill towards Emmer Green, past the Lodon Brewery, which isn't anywhere near the Loddon. Emmer Green down the hill to Caversham and then Home. Ten miles and lots of countryside.

So I was riding my bike feeling relaxed and cool, thinking, well if I want to go to town, I can push off there in 5 mins, then I fell off my bike, AGAIN. I managed to do this in front of a load of Undergraduates and they were kind enough not to laugh, but I felt foolish.

But if you ride a bike eventually you will, as I did, get to test the ground hugging qualities of your clothes as you bump gently against the ground.

What does this have to do with living in Park? Not much but since I first moved in to Park in 1986 I have always loved the way everything is near and within cycling distance.