Sunday, 18 October 2009

Richard McKenzie spends weekend campaigning for PCSO's

Spent a lovely weekend with my children....oh but what about the campaigning?

Well they, strangely enough, wanted to come campaigning with their dad. What were we campaigning about? The Uni's decision to stop funding the PCSO's.

I am really pleased with the response we have been getting. We knocked on literally hundreds of doors and almost everyone wanted to sign our petition to save the PCSO's. Strangely enough the only person that wouldn't sign was a supporter of the Green Party, which was a shame.

On our way we also bumped in to some of the editorial team of the Student Uni newspaper, Spark and talked to them about the issue. So it was a very useful weekend. As is the way with any kind of street work we picked up lots of other Ward work which we will follow up in due course.

Of course the fight to retain the funding for the PCSO's goes on, you can still sign Anneleise's petition at: . I urge all residents and students to sign, no matter what political party you are. This is something that the Uni really should think again about.