Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Clean the streets, talk to the man with the broom

It was crappy and wet in the morning yesterday. I had noticed on the junction of bumpy Bulmershe and Crescent Rd someone had dumped a load of rubbish all over the grass.

I'd reported it to the Council, but noticed it hadn't been cleared up and the foxes were having a field day. Then who should hove in to view? Our regular street cleaner, bravely battling the rain and keep the streets around the shops on the Woky Rd clean.. I though I'd have a word and see if he would be able to pick up the rubbish and put it in his cart. I was amazed when he said no problem and thanks for pointing out the rubbish to him.

Next time I cycled past the rubbish was gone and the grass was as good as new.  So the moral of the story, to get the streets clean, talk to the man with the broom.