Sunday, 15 November 2009

Some People Really Get my nerves

Sometimes things really get you down. This week parents parking dangerously where I lollipop at Alfred Sutton school combined with the rain to really get me down.

Everyday I was on duty it honked down with rain, never nice and then on Monday, the owner of this car had the gaul to simply lock his car and walk away when I asked him to move his car so that I could man the crossing point safely.

To say I was cross was an understatement. I was furious. The driver looked so smug when he walked away.

So what do you do when you only have a lollipop stick to defend yourself with? My other main weapon of defence is my mobile phone. Not only was I able to take this piccy for posterity but I was able to ring my supervisor to moan about the problems. Last week a cyclist, with child on the seat at the back, road through the crossing while I was standing in the middle of the road.

My supervisor was on the case really quickly and on Wednesday I had visitors, a PC, 2 PCSO's and a couple of parking wardens. I felt very special and in general parents, drivers and cyclists behaved themselves. Believe it or not though there were still enough people parking illegally or cycling through the crossing to keep the forces of law and order busy.

I was pleased to see the support and a lot of parents told me how happy they were to see the Police and others taking the problem seriously. What the people who were spoken to by the Police say, unfortunately this wasn't recorded........