Thursday, 26 November 2009

Home From the Costa Del Royal Berks

Got back from the Costa Del Royal Berks this afternoon. Feel a bit grotty and have to chill for a couple of days.I know I have already blogged on the wonders the NHS, a Labour invention, but I was really surprised how much like a holiday it was.

First off the flight was delayed, the piccy is of me waiting in the waiting room. I was dressed in my hospital clothes chatting to my dad who was waiting with me.

We waited about 3 hours, as I had miss understood the directions I had been given not the hospital's fault. While I was waiting the surgeon, the aneathastist and various others who were involved in the op came to see me and personally explain what was going to happen to me. The surgeon, didn't really need to do his drawing.

Then at about 4 O'Clock I was walked down to the surgery, all very relaxed and taken to the aneathstitic suite. Here I was engaged in witty and erudite conversation until I stopped talking. Not a regular event I know. The Suite was new clean and efficient with all the staff explaining what they were doing.

I can't tell you anything about the op, you will be pleased to know.

So on to the real holiday bit.

First I got my own room with a window, the room had TV and a shower. Almost as soon as I was awake I was brought a cup of tea. The room was pretty simple and the impression of being on holiday was reinforced by the sound of hordes of students rampaging up Redlands road. It was amazing to hear the noise they were making, fortunately I was a bit spaced out and so didn't mind.

The hosp was great everytime something hurt I rang a bell I was brought pain relief.

Next morning the surgeon and all his staff came to see me and explained to me what he did, I won't repeat it.

So after all this I was able to go home. Got to say that it was so much more like a holiday than a hospital. Once again thumbs up to the NHS it has improved so much since the first time I had kidney stone problems and ended up in hospital.