Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Diversion before the Op

Went out this morning to lollipop and deliver some leaflets to take my mind off things.

I was dissappointed to see my old house in Norris Road with 6-7 bags of festering rubbish dumped outside. I have rung the Uni and they advised that the house is occupied by Students and they will be in contact. Interestingly enough though Ann Westgarth, who is a good stick and very helpful also advised me to ring the Council who have the power to fine people that flytip like this, even if they are fly tipping outside their own house.

So I recommend that every resident, whether fulltime or student reports flytipping to the Council. Ask for Street Care and explain where you are. They will follow up.

Ann Westgarth is very helpful and has asked me to publicise her details so I am. She can be reached on the Uni number of 0118 9875123. To reach Street Care call them on 0118 9390900

While this is all good and both the Council and the Uni are taking efforts to cut down on the rubbish. I wonder why the landlord of this property allows this. He lives in a huge house in Culver Lane, with his mum. He drives a Merc and yet is happy to allow his houses in Norris Road to bring the whole area down. He owns 40, 38 and 36. What do you think? Email me to let me know how I, the Uni and Council should deal with people like him.