Monday, 21 December 2009

Good News and Bad News

Spent a cold afternoon looking around the student areas of the Ward, checking on how the area was left at the end of term.

The Uni will be pleased to hear that there was a lot less rubbish than there is usually at the end of term, but there were a few areas where rubbish has been left in the streets and these have been reported to both the Uni and Council.

The question really remains as to why the Landlords don't look after their properties properly. Am a bit nervous as I have noticed that one of the worst landlords in Reading has bought a property in my road. I have had dealings with him before as he had a property next to mine when I lived in Norris Road. Time will tell.

On top of this I am a little concerned about the state of the roads, having slipped over delivering leaflets the other day. I have asked the Council if they can start to grit the side roads to stop accidents and general danger.

So am looking forward to Christmas........soon be here.