Monday, 21 December 2009

Happy Christmas-Again

Went to the Pakistan Community Centre Christmas Party last week.

It was great to meet up with members of the Pakistani Community, Christian Community and local politicians to celebrate Christmas. We also heard a speach from the Chair of the Pakistani Bar Association.

I enjoyed a mixture of politicians and religious speakers trying to explain what the message of Christmas. I was particularly pleased to see the PCC taking the risk to celebrate, what is afterall, a Christian feast.

At least two of the politicians or hope to be politicians weren't asked to speak, I was one. The other one spent the meeting fuming and rudely complaining to the leaders of the community centre that he wasn't asked to speak. I also hear that when he went to the RISC, his spiritual home, he was still in a bad mood and was, according to my correspondent, rude to the staff.

So it was great to meet members of the Pakistani Community across the Ward. I always enjoying meeting Saleem and his team, and want to record my thanks for the event.

If you are in the Christmas mood, I can recommend the Christmas Eve service at Wycliffe Baptist Church. It takes place at 11.30 and is always a moving service, laying out the real meaning of Christmas and its impact in the world.

If you miss that then there's the Christmas Day Service. For more details follow this link

So in short  I would like to wish both, I mean all my readers a very happy and blessed Christmas. I hope that you enjoy a good break and come back to 2010 refreshed and excited about the challenges ahead.