Sunday, 6 December 2009

Plant a Tree Save the World

Spent Saturday morning planting trees with other East Reading residents and Anneleise Dodds Labour PPC at Palmer Park Stadium. It was part of an effort to plant 1,000 trees in an hour with the BBC Tree O'Clock Campaign

It was great to see that people could work together to improve the environment. Strange though didn't see any politicians from other parties planting trees, shame really. The picture shows the volunteers just before we started digging.

The adults were planting Yew Trees in a hedge on the banking at the stadium and the children and young people were planting Beech Trees in front of the stadium.

Not sure how many trees were planted but after an hour or so the row of trees that we were planting looked pretty impressive.

This picture shows the the trees that I planted.

I had to retire hurt at the end of the session. On the same subject I have to go back in to hospital on Tuesday for somemore work on my kidney, nothing major but another day under General Anaesthetic. As I know I have a particular readership in France, in the Stassburg area I understand I attach a link to a youtube clip to give an indication of what happened last week and what will happen next week.

Click here for the link