Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Crumbs Been Away

Sorry for long time away from Blogger, had to have a 2nd op last week and the 1-2 move of the 2 ops really wiped me out.

Absolutely did me in. Again hospital really good, really clean, really efficient. Am now fully mended, if a little washed out.

Went to see one of Reading's best kept secrets, Reading Youth Theatre. Ok my daughter is in it so am a little biased. The Theatre was set up as part of the RBC's effort to engage with the town's youth. There are several young people who come from East Reading, including my Sophie. They perform in the small Borough theatre South Street. They write and create all their own work utterly brilliant.

If you get the chance, go...

Now I am feeling better have been working on a big issue which I will talk about shortly.