Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I hope that 2010 brings you everything you need and many blessings.

Had a relaxing Christmas, it was great to unwind after a tumultous year. I hope you did too.

With the New Year starts a new campaigning season. Went out on Sunday to check the state of the roads. I saw some huge potholes in the local roads. Not just the Reading ones, but my cycle travels took me to Wokingham and South Oxfordshires roads over Christmas and there were some real cyclist exterminators in each boroughs' roads.

I found this cyclist destroying pot hole on the London Road in Park Ward. I called the Council this morning to get it filled in. I expected a small pause in proceedings and was composing my "cross cyclist of Park Ward" letter in my head. The Highways dept called me back about an hour later to advise that they were sending a team out today to get it filled. How's that for service. They even thanked me for pointing the hole out saying how busy they had been. I was really pleased. It is not often that you can see such direct action. So first campaign of 2010 ends in a success, roll on the rest of the year.

Talking of my bike; I am pleased to say that I have only got another 60 miles or so to go before I have topped off 2,000 bike miles since April when I got this bike. Its predessesor was stolen. Its amazing what you can do with a bike, although cycling back from my sister's house in Woking, Surrey, with a family's worth of Christmas Presents on Boxing Day was rather exciting.