Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

No post yesterday, as I spent the day being distracted by the snow.  The picture shows the snow first thing infront of my house.

First hour or so was spent digging cars out of the snow with residents from Crescent Rd and then knocking on the door of older residents to see if they are ok. Had an impromptu discussion with some of my neighbours about cleaning the pavements.

What has impressed me is how people seem to be talking to each other. I have a big Russian fur hat which I have been wearing in the cold and lots of passers by have been stopping to talk to me about it. I have also been cycling about the streets as it is quicker to get about than by foot and this has caused a few conversations. I was pleased to be able to get up the slope by Newtown School to 2 wheels. Will have to take a break from cycling as I have broken the bike....

The members of the Neighbourhood Watch received the following message from the Police which I share here for you.

Message from TVP

This is a Message from Reading LPA Commander A/Supt Jim Weems please could we encourage you to look out for any of your neighbours who may be elderly or vulnerable, particularly so during these adverse weather conditions. Some people who are elderly or infirm are unable to leave their properties when snow and ice are on the ground and may need help to purchase essentials. We would ask if you could look out for anyone in your Neighbourhood Watch Scheme who may need some help during this time and as a community consider whether you need to call in extra help. Thank you for your help.

Motorists are being urged to be responsible and only travel if it is absolutely essential to do so.

A lot of schools are closed tomorrow Friday, including Alfred Sutton, I attach a link to Heartfmwho have a full list of closures.

Link to HeartFM Website