Monday, 25 January 2010

Long time no see

Almost a week since my last post.

Been busy with work and study. Am concerned about the state of the bins in the ward. With the snow and everything some people, including me, have gone at least 3 weeks since the bins were collected.

I have written to the Council asking them to see if the bin men can collect bags that have been left by the sides of the wheelie bins. Most people seem to have just coped, however there are a significant number of people who have over flowing bins.

Also I have been working with Labour colleagues to try and find a solution to student parking problems. More of anon.

I am still waiting for a reply.

Have just come back from somemore Street Pastor training, first aid this time. Very interesting, but unfortunately it brought back some nasty memories from when I had a very nasty motorcycle accident and the group almost had to practice their first aid on me. I came over all faint and had to leave the room.

The picture shows some of my Street Pastor colleagues practicing the putting someone in the recovery position.