Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What's on in the Ward

Things are stepping up with the snow gone and the evenings getting lighter.

I spent an interesting evening consulting residents in the Ward about issues that affect them. Had to stop in the end as a; it was getting too dark and b; Tea overload.

On a different note I have spent time talking to the Students' Union and various students about their housing concerns. It was very interesting to see and hear the problems that Students at Uni face. I have always been keen on improving housing. I cannot believe that some of the Landlords allow their houses to get in to such a bad state. One student was telling me that they have to wear shoes inside all the time as every room has a leak in it and the carpets are always damp. Nice. I took the issue up with the Students' Union to understand their view.

I was pleased to see that some of the pressure which I have been bringing on the Uni and elsewhere is bearing fruit. The Uni has organised for a big clean up in Go Green week, not just for the Uni but also for the Grange Road area.

I wish them a lot of luck and am so pleased to see the Uni trying to engage the local area.