Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ok I know I haven't posted for a while.

Have been learning how Uni students cope on a very small income. Been working part time, ringing Germany for the Uni. Hard work so haven't had the energy to blog for a week or so.

BUT have been working. I've been out alot of nights taking to residents about the issues they face in their road. People seem pleased to see someone taking an interest in their issues. Mind you it is so cold door knocking at the moment. I have my Labour Party Beenie to keep me warm though.

With it being Half Term there's been no Lollipoping. Thought this would make more time, but the reverse has been the case, I've been working part time, talking to residents and watching the Union Hustings for the Students' Union President and Vice President. It was interesting to see the disconnect between some of the candidates and how to contect with residents. I was particularly concerned about one of the candidates for President, she was long on wants short on action.

So why is Prezza smiling on my blog. I got the chance to interview him on Junction 11, the Students' radio station. If you are about on Friday, listen to the interview between 4 and 5 pm.