Sunday, 28 February 2010

Why do people keep trying to sqaush me?

Ok another week of ward things over but before we go any further I must have a bit of a rant. I have calmed down a lot but am still more than a little peeved.

I love lollipoping but have spent the week trying to allow young children and their parents to cross the road. A simple request surely. Where I work there are wiggly lines to discourage/stop people letting passengers off in front of the school. There are huge signs saying no stopping and still car drivers stop and get arsey, can I say that in my own blog? When I ask then not to let people off there.

I think my limit was reached when I went up to a driver, who was a vicar, someone I've met an who was a vicar of a local church, started giving me back chat, saying things like I can park here because there's a traffic jam. To say I am fed up of drivers doing this, do people have no shame? What can I do to stop this, not sure, I am pretty sure that the arming of lollipop men hasn't been approved....

Thought I had got over it but looking at the rant above but obviously not.

On the ward front spent the week speaking to residents, had a good couple of conversations this morning and picking up on ward work. All very everyday and not as exciting as the lollipop thing but neccessary none the less.