Friday, 26 March 2010

OMG - Not Nice

Sorry haven't posted for a bit, been busy out on the streets talking to residents and getting things done. Have to say that rewarding though this is I really wish it would stop raining everytime I go out. There is nothing more dispiriting than holding a clipboard that has water dripping of the edges and where the paper has gone soggy.

BUT - Was going to post about Obama's historic victory in getting healthcare widened in the States and talk about our wonderful health service. I have to have yet another blooming op next week. Duff knee due to falling off a motorbike a long time ago, this will be the 4th or 5th time it has needed work. Sympathy and messages of support welcome.

BUT- Mk2 in cycling around the ward this week I have been cheesed off to note the OMG tag all over one end of the Ward. See photo. I have advised the Council and I hope that they will clean them up soon.When funds are short it really niggles me to have to spend money to clean up this unneccessary mess.

The worst of it was I was obviously following the tagger round as I kept on seeing it. V frustrating so had to make another call to report the tags.