Saturday, 27 March 2010

Its an International Fair

Blimey what  a busy day. I had to miss the official opening of the New Palmer Park. Its really great, if you have children you really should go there and try it out. I had to miss the opening as my good lady wife is playing the piano at a wedding in Surrey, my old school actually. Kath can't drive because of her epilepsy so it I am incharge of travel in the McKenzies. Well we dragged ourselves to Surrey and the Priest didn't have the key to the piano so we had to drag ourselves home. Ho hum.

Shame I missed the opening. My youngest daughter loves the park. The picture is of her enjoying one of the new bits of kit.

Spent the morning talking to residents in Park about the problems and issues they face in their streets. It is always a pleasure and interesting talking to my friends and neighbours in the area.

I had a fab afternoon at Alfred Sutton Junior School's International Fair. This is a school fair with a difference all the different communities of the school have the opportunity to show off. There were stands from about 15 different nationalities including Pakistani, Ghanain, Japanese, Indian, Moroccan, German, Italian, Polish, South African, Welsh, Jamican, Bulgarian, Islandic, Saudi Arabian, Australian and English.

I was on the English Stand and we were giving away samples of scones and marmite slices. We had a short consumer test to see how many people loved marmite and how many people hated it. As usual the lovers of marmite were in the majority.

The international fair had a serious side too. The governors want to establish a Parents' Forum, which will be a way of giving the parents a voice in to the governors and to allow school parents to bring concerns directly to the governors. We want to reach out in to every school community. My committee has been asked to organise the forum. The International Fair was the ideal opportunity to speak to as many different communities as possible to hear their views. So as well as standing behind a stand and handing out scone samples I was talking to the stall holders and to get their views.

Parents, or at least the ones I spoke to, seemed very positive to the idea and I look forward to working with them on the project.


This a picture of me at last year's International Fair