Thursday, 1 April 2010

The NHS is brilliant

Hope this doesn't put you off your dinner, but here is a piccy of my knee after the op today. Excuse the hairy leg and bright red socks, I got dressed in the dark.

The experience reminds me yet again how much money has been invested by the goverment and how great the NHS is.

New reception area for day ops, new looking operation suites. OK I only remember the anethestisia room as I was knocked out before I got to the  operation theatre.

I even had a sideroom with a view. It was also nice to spend the day with my parents who stayed with me and made sure I could get home. The hospital won't let you out unless someone takes you home.

At one point it looked like the staff wanted to keep me overnight, I think they liked me, but we managed to persuade them I could come home.

Great staff, friendly. All in all a good experience and on top of that they were able to do some work on the inside so hopefully I will be able to even more campaigning when the bandages come off, not sure about the ballet career though.

On the campaigning front have been out most nights, been getting a great receiption from Park residents and am very encouraged by the results we have been having so far. I  think this is because they are glad to see a real local activist who actually does things rather than makes claims for things they haven't done or other people have done all the work for.