Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Resumption Of the Requisite Number of Legs

The legs seem to be back in nearly working order. Inorder to break them in I have been canvassing with colleagues around the Ward. The reaction has been very positive. We were invited in by a number of residents and I was able to discuss the issues that they were worried about. This is the part of politics that I really enjoy, rather than the fun filled evening I have spent in various committee meetings.

So with a resumption of leg function I shall be out and about round the Ward more and more. I am hoping to get on my bike again and put somemore miles under the saddle. If you see me wobbling around the Ward you will know that the anesthetic hasn't quite worn off yet.

If you see me in the street, please feel free to stop me and chat through your concerns, I will be happy to chat.

Saw some members of another political party, one of a Blue variety, wandering around Newtown. They looked a little lost as if they were off their natural patch...