Thursday, 8 April 2010

Labour Bike, keep fit and campaign, the perfect solution

As my leg gets better, the more I can do, watch out world.....I did have a swelling the size of an egg on my knee at the end of the day yesterday so didn't want to do too much.

Went to see Communicare at the Warehouse today. Sarah who works there asked me to pop by to see the work that they do. It was really interesting to see them interact and help the community. I can recommend them. See what they do at:

While I was there I got into conversation with the Reading Credit Union. I have had some contact with them a few years ago. They are a cooperative organisation owned by the members and offering loans for small sums at very competative rates. Talking to the members of the Union they were very persuasive. To get a loan you need to have been a member of the Union for more than 3 months. To be a member you have to put a regular sum in the bank every month. They were telling me that the minimum deposit is £1 a month and as they said almost everyone can afford that. I left with a handful of forms and will have to look at whether I can afford £1 a month.

After the discussion I started to sell them the benefits of becoming Street Pastors, so I supposed it was a score draw on trying to sell each other our projects.

See the Credit Union at

After that I took my bike and made it in to a Labour Bike so that I can campaign and get fit at the same time. You will see my bike around the Ward, I had to go to Caversham for something and got lots of admiring looks least I thought they were admiring me.

So stop me and have a chat if you see me in the Ward.