Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy New Year!

Ended the day celebrating Nepalese New Year with Reading's Nepalese community.

A great occasion. They even let me speak, as did all the other politicians and candidates. The picture shows Anneliese Dodds Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Reading East. This is a link to the Greater Reading Nepalese Community Association's website.

Anything else go on yesterday, well yes a day of talking to residents, knocking on doors and meeting people in their homes. Had a very instructive conversation with a resident near the Woky Road and drunk the first of many cups of tea.

Did however reach the downside of campaigning and being a politician. Your family life suffers. I offered to take my wife to Weybridge for her to play the piano at a weding. I then couldn't take her as a meeting came up, then I couldn't pick her up from the weding as I had also promised. Fortunately the day was saved by my dad. Well done and thanks...Dad

Also by the by can I recomend Anneliese's new website.