Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Showing Jack Straw my scars

Old news I know Jack Straw was in town yesterday and gave an old fashioned soap box speech.

It was fantastic a real piece of election theatre. Jack gave a speech and took real questions from the assorted members of the audience. I chatted to a friend of mine who I know was a Tory - you know who you are if you read this. So I know the audience was a random mix of Reading's population.

I came the Justice Minister's attention, which should be good, however as usual it was for all the wrong reasons. I was talking to a journalist who was asking how my leg was. In a fit of I am not sure what came over me officer, I rolled my my trouser leg to show the scar....just before or after this photo was taken. Mr Straw saw my leg and thought I was making somekind of protest about something. Perhaps the shortage of short trouser leg lengths for people with stubby legs like me. Having come to his attention I rolled down my trouser leg and slunk off to the back of the crowd.

So my political career goes from strength to strength and a cabinet career awaits - or perhaps not.

Apart from my own mad moment, his speech was great and the crowd certainly seemed to appreciate the chance to quiz a Minister.