Monday, 19 April 2010

Learn to Cross Your Legs Properly

No photo today. Sorry. This week has been very very encouraging. I have had a couple of people stop me in the street to talk to me about the campaign-this is just what we should be seeing at this point in the campaign.

This week saw us doing our traditional knocking on people's doors.I have always thought that the UK is a great country where you can knock on someone's door and ask them who they are going to vote for. I have only hardly ever had a few people slam the door on me. It was very nice canvassing on Thursday as I got invited in for a glass of wine. The resident is a friend of mine, who I had decided not to knock on her door as it is a bit nervy making asking friends for their voting intention. Not only did I get a glass of wine she said that she would vote for me, as would her family. Nice one.

So where do the knees come in to it. Oh yes I was at the Gudwara meeting residents from the Indian community. I had to sit down with the worshipers and I had been told to cross my legs. Easy enough you might think. But my leg has been quite sore after the Op. Not sure why it has been fine for the last 2 weeks but it has been sorer than a very sore thing. So I sat down but couldn't cross my legs properly for the lie of me. It was like something on a black and white film every time I pushed one leg down to cross them the other one popped up.

The members of the Gudwara were very forgiving and I had some very useful discussions with the members so it was a useful afternoon all round.

So only 2 and a bit weeks to go before the election. Can't wait.