Sunday, 25 April 2010

Only 1 Weekend to go

Only one more weekend to go and we will know what the result of the election is.

So still lots and lots to play for. Been doing a lot of canvassing, good results. Although all this walking has been doing strange things to my knee. Whereas 2 weeks ago after the op my knee did not hurt much is is incredibly painful now. After a day of campaigning on Saturday I went to a party at my uncle's house in South London and had to come home pretty quickly as the pain in my knee was almost unbearable.

But that said, canvassing during the week has added to the street surgeries that I have been doing over the last year and has bult on alot of pre existing contacts. As a break from canvassing I visited the Alfred Sutton car boot sale. I got talking to a friend about his new VW combi. I even got a guided tour of it. I wish I had taken my camera as it was great and I am hugely jealous. Well done for the PTA for organising....

Finished the weekend giving a talk to a church group. I seem to have cornered the market in speaking to faith groups. The picture is of me speaking at a meeting held at Anderson Baptist Church, in Amhurst Road. The meeting wasn't a husting, but they wanted to know how a person could be a Christian and a Politician. The meeting was quite a challenge because the questions were very searching and some of them very difficult to answer.