Friday, 23 April 2010

So what have I ever done for the environment

I was talking to residents this week who were asking me about the environment and what I had done to encourage evironmental improvements in the Ward and in the town. A fair question so here we are:

1. I do over 40 miles a week on my push bike, I had a lovely ride to Henley this week. Sometimes I even hit 80 miles a week. I am a keen cyclist and have joined the Reading Cycle Campaign on some of their recent campaigns.

2. My family recycle and make sure all our lights are low energy.

3. I am a member of the Commonwheels, the car club.

4. I introduced the measure that brought binding measures on the Council to reduce greenhouse gasses, known as the "Nottingham Declaration".

5. Ensured that no GM modified food were used in the Councils kitchens.

6. Am a regular Bio fuel bus user

7. Worked with Wokingham Borough Council, Reading Borough Council and Bracknell Forest Council to make sure that recycling levels across the whole of central Berkshire increased.

8. Fought over development that would have scarred the Chilterns. We won this one.

9. Ensured that the Alfred Sutton field would be protected in the late 90's

10. Fought the overdevelopment of the Green Road site.

11. Fought overdevelopment in West Reading

12. Made sure the Council picked up the rubbish in the snow during the winter.

13. Fought overdevelopment in Hamilton Road.

14. Made sure that rubbish left by Students at the end of term is cleared by the Council and taken responsibility for by the University and Students' Union.

15. Lobbied the Bus Company to reduce fares and improve infomation for users.

16. Lobbied for improved cycle paths.

17. Got the Council to clean the streets properly.

18. Fought and won protection for the Lock Keepers that ensure that the Thames is properly regulated.

19. Swept the streets when they needed it.

20. Worked with communities on Rescue weekend to clean up the woods in the town.

21. Planted new trees in Palmer Park. Strangely enough the Green Candidate in Park Ward didn't take part in this key activity to green the ward.

So all these are acheivements, none of these were Greenwash, they were all things that were done to improve the environment. Strangely enough I did these things without pretending the world was at an end and getting my clipboard out to make a false petition and then claim that I had saved the world.

So now you know, if you want know more, give me a call.