Saturday, 22 May 2010

Where's The Bus Shelter Gone?

Still struggling about on crutches, although tried give them up yesterday and ended up in screaming agony. So won't be giving up crutches just yet.

Now I have a better understanding of what it is like to have your mobility impared I also understand what it is like when our new Conservative/Liberal Council don't replace bus shelters.

The shelter outside Alfred Sutton has yet to be replaced as I discovered after yomping up their one morning. Imagine my surprise when, with beads of sweat popping out of my forehead and my muscles aching there was no where to sit down.

I rang the Council who promised to call me back with an answer as to when it will be replaced. They did call me back but to say that they didn't have an answer. I waited for an answer and of which there was none. So asked the Evening Post to follow the story, which they kindly did. They didn't get a more sensible answer than I did. So am now campaigning to get the shelter replaced. I will be off crutches in 5 weeks, I hope, but people will still need to sit down in this important bus shelter. If you want to join me, email me on: