Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Not Enjoying Crutches

Am yomping slowly about, bus service ok if you are on crutches. Going up hill on crutches is utterly murderous and I don't recommend it.

In fact apart from being a pain, being on crutches is quite constructive. I have now got the opportunity to see life as others sometimes see it and I have to say it makes life bloody hard work. From not being able to rush upstairs to change when I am wandering about the house in my underpants when I thought no one was at home and then my youngest daughter brings her friends home, to the strain involved in getting the 17 in to town, hobbling to Market Place to get a bus to Uni and then hobble from the bus stop to lectures. Very very hard, come back broken bones all is forgiven.

The worst of it is that yesterday I hobbled to the bus stop by Alfred Sutton knowing that I could have a stop there to find that it had gone......Rang the council today to find out when the bus stop would be replaced and was told soon, how soon, no one knows.......