Monday, 16 August 2010

Reading Youth Theatre - Recognised By RBC

So no blog for a couple of weeks. I am writing a dissertation at the moment. 20,000 lovely words about East German film. Its going well so have some time to blog again.

Been to see Sophie, my eldest daughter, perform in the Reading Youth Theatre's Edinburgh Fringe production which they showcased at the Council.

The play is about the troubles that young refugees have in trying to get to the UK. It is truely moving, the group workshopped the play with refugees in Reading so that they can get a true feel of what being a young refugee is really like. The Reading Youth Theatre is supported by the Council and there were pleas from the group for the funding to continue so that their good work can continue. I can only support this, I have an interest, both my daughters are now in the theatre group and I think all young people should have the opportunity to stretch themselves.

Well done the Reading Youth Theatre and well done the production team. Reading Borough Council, please continue to support the group.