Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Pakistani Earthquake

Met with the Pakistani Community this evening to help raise money for relief of the Pakistani flood disaster.

With Cholera breaking out, the flood waters continuing to rise and thousands of people being displaced this was one of the most important meetings I have been to for a long time. I have been really moved by what has happened in Pakistan and have been keen to make sure that Reading is able to support the relief efforts.

That being said it was very enjoyable, but with a serious purpose, to spend time with the community, break the fast and share a meal with them. All this as part of the community's attempts to raise money. I was talking to the guys who were collecting money and they were telling me how generous people on the streets were being.

I was particularly pleased to see a mix of locals, and friends there. I was particularly pleased to see some friends from Wycliffe Baptist church there. It was also gratifying to see some of our Labour councillors there. Unfortunately the Park Councillors from the other Parties seemed to be absent, which was a shame.

If you want to donate some money to the relief efforts click the link to the Disasters Emergency Committee here